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MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition

 MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition 


MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition Coach

"When your time, energy, and goals are important enough, you hire a professional."

Casey Mitzel High Performance Coach, MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition
Casey Mitzel MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition
Casey Mitzel,
High Performance Coach


For over 25 years I have been driven by the desire to help people figure out their personal matrix of health, fitness, and happiness. How to take the clutter of what people have heard and read and organize it in a simple structure to understand what is the truth and to see consistent progress and results through science and evidence-based practices. Health and fitness should be efficient, fun, successful, and life-giving!

Either you will get to your goals or you will understand exactly why you did not. There are no results and success robbing boogey man!

CAN YOU Relate?

If you have felt the below let's chat and see if what I have to offer would be a good fit for you.

Stuck in a rut or continuous oscillating cycle of your health, fitness, or appearance.

Spending too much time and focus with little to no results, or you just want better results

Having a hard time filtering out truthful information and practices vs. marketing hype, false hopes, and over-promised success

Wish you had a simple system to follow when it comes to a fitness program that creates progress without burnout.

Not sure how to make sense of the right nutrition for your body. You don't know how much to eat or even what to eat. 

Not sure what supplements to take and want to stop wasting money. 

Group OR 1:1 Coaching.

There are a few ways to work with me and I'd love the opportunity to disscuss the best fit for you.

Private Membership Group

1:1 Coaching Programs


Hear what my clients have to say about their experiences.

“ I have done two programs with Casey now and I can honestly say they were both great experiences. Not only did I see results on the scale, but I also learned a lot as well. When you work with Casey, you learn to hold yourself accountable. Once you can do that, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve.”

Steve S.

"I love what I have learned from Casey! He has a unique way of teaching and rather than giving you the answer he makes you think and work and figure it out. There is no “Boogey Man” he backs everything up with science. If you want to reach your goals Casey is the one."

A. Smith

“My health journey has been one of many highs & lows, twists & turns. One thing for me that has been consistent is Casey.  His passion to educate others to reach their optimal health is immeasurable. His words are always backed by science and FACTS! He listens and has heart of gold!  We live on opposite coasts, and he is still my go to!"

Abbe S.


I love seeing the light bulb go on when you are empowered by the truth.  When you realize anything is possible and understand how to be the dominant force in your life with the ability to make precise decisions that create the change you are looking for once and for all. 

It's not all about dry science and work. We have fun! You will look forward to each discussion and visit!

My 4-Step Custom Process





FEELING Motivated?

Thank you! I will be in touch.

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